Today as we celebrate your annual choir day. Keep on praising and worshiping God because God inhabits the Praises of his people and we do know that when Praises go up blessings start to come down.
The Bible says Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord so we don’t have a right to be silent we must worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth. If we go to Psalms 150 it says let everything that has breath praise ye the Lord, praise the Lord so I want you to check your neighbor and make sure that they are breathing because if they have breath in their life then they should be praising and worshiping God anything that is dead should be in the grave.
I don’t know about you but God has been certainly good to me so if we come to celebrate your annual day let us go to the word of God.
I had a different sermon, then the spirit spoke to my spirit and say it to me go to the Book of John go to the eighth chapter of the Book of John very familiar hazards of scripture you find there that Jesus was presented with simile a problem that they thought he could not handle the Pharisees and then the religious Scholars they were trying to trap Jesus so they brought to him a young lady that was caught in adultery and they say it to Jesus what shall we do because the law of Moses says that we should Stone her to death and so Jesus was in what we call a pickle Jesus was in but we called between a rock and a hard place Jesus seemly was in a quagmire and other words they thought they had him how many of us know that you can trick Jesus how many realize that Jesus knows everything that Jesus is omnipresent omnipotent God everywhere at the same time all-knowing God but they trying to trick Jesus and I ask myself the question what does the lady caught in adultery has to do with choir day I’m glad that you asked so today as we go to the word of God if I had to give you a title today I was saying to all of us that your best singer your best soloist your best musician is not here today I will give you some title and that subtitle would be people who lives in Glass Houses should not throw stones people who live in Glass Houses should not throw stones and let me explain to you where I’m coming from and the reason why I say your best musician your best soloist is not in the church today it because someone has thrown a stone at that person someone has just that person someone has made it difficult for that person to come in the house of God so this store is today is going to help us to not throw stones at one another in January 2011 there was a story about a man named Ted Williams a homeless man in Columbus Ohio this homeless man was standing on the corner holding a sign up that simply said God-given gift of voice. This man was judge. Did not have the proper attire, hair not combed, Smelling, Drinking,and fornicating.
But a producer saw his poster board.
Gave him a chance.
Just like Jesus gave this woman another chance.
She was supposed to be stoned to death.
She was under the law.
Jesus had not gone to the cross.
What a bold move.
But what they did not know is the law-maker was standing in front of them.
He gave Moses the law.
And you made the rules you can change them.
I am glad that Jesus is a rule breaker.
When I deserve the worst he gives me his best.
We can not throw stones.
Because we all have sinned, all fell short.
Paul said when I want to do right evil is always there.
If you want your best singer in the choir stop throwing stone.
If you want your best preacher stop throwing stone.
God will clean them up in due time.
Jesus knew it was a trap.
Where was the man?
They formed this weapon against the lady.
Plot to kill her.
Trying to use God word to justify it.
Watch folks always talking about what God said.
But how many know that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.
If God is for you who can be against you.
So the next time Porsha and Mercedes want to get in the choir.
Let them in.
Dress to short.
Put a robe on them.
Next time a drunk said he is called to preach.
Give him some coffee and let him preach.
Back in the day.
They preached with the anointing.
Not much schooling but full of the Holy Ghost.
I am glad that God gave me another chance.
I am so glad that he died for my sins.
I am so glad that he did not hold my past and present and future against me.
Those who has the rock I gave you.
If you never did anything wrong then go ahead and throw your stone.
Jesus told her go and sin no more.
Go and join the choir.
Go and preach God’s word.
She was so happy I can hear her now singing.
What a friend we have in Jesus.
I can hear her singing .
I feel so much better since I laid my burden down.
I can hear her singing Precious Lord take my hand lead me on.
Make a joyful noise to the Lord.
To God Be The Glory
C.B. Helping Hands Ministries
Bishop Antonio Thomas

Chief Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah

About Chief Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah

About Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah C.B. Helping Hands Ministries Founder/Overseer / Business owner / Nurse, Friend, Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah, a small town country girl with a big heart. That big heart didn’t go unnoticed by God. At age 8; Apostle Shelia made the most important decision of her life. She decided to follow Christ. It wasn’t long before she heard the calling of God upon her life to reach the lost at any cost. To touch lives, one person at a time. By age 15 she was actively ministering to many in her community. From the young to the elderly, and even the dying; she has made it a priority to care for the souls of those in need. Today Apostle Shelia leads the C.B. Helping Hands Ministries team on a greater call. A call to reach the lost not just in our community but also around the world. C.B. Helping Hands Ministries and Apostle Shelia have become the vessel that God is using to bridge the gap between generations and touch the hearts of a lost, and dying world. Daily she ministers to the homeless, battered women, suicidal people and at risk youth among others. As a John Maxwell certified coach, and speaker she travels the world adding value to others. She is dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and helping others see their true potential. With a never quit attitude and unwavering faith, she has been able to build C.B. Helping Hands Ministries and testify of God’s provisions and unfailing love. Making sure to always give God the honor and praise. She motivates young adults like none other. She has become a renown inspirational speaker like none other. She is real, she is alive, she is on fire and excited about transforming, and adding value to others.. She is new, real, and a breath of fresh air. Called, and anointed for such a time as this.
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