The New Millennium Churches

Here at C.B. Helping Hands Ministries we want to give you a big warm welcome. We encourage you to stick around and read our blogs and connect with us on Facebook. If you’re in town, join us at one of our services. We’d love to have you. Come join us … Continue reading

#DearDiabetes: Mara Darsow

By American Diabetes Association Dear Diabetes, How are you these days? I see you are continuing to do your thing, sneaking up on people—quietly and efficiently moving in while no one is paying much attention, bringing all your nasty baggage and getting comfortable. You are enormous, but quiet and sneaky, … Continue reading

#DearDiabetes: Martha Clark

By American Diabetes Association Dear Diabetes, You moved in 42 years ago… unexpectedly, uninvited and unwelcome… like a high-maintenance relative who requires my constant attention. At first they told me to be patient… that they knew how to get you to leave… a cure is close, they said… be patient, … Continue reading