Don’t Cheat yourself

Every day that the Lord allows us to wake up is a blessing, and an opportunity to live life to if fullest!

If you have not accepted Christ as your personal savior, then you are not living your life to it fullest. You may ask, why do you say that? Because everything that’s good comes from God,  every good and perfect gift comes from him. All increase comes from God! Everything that we need he has. You might say that I know someone who has excepted Christ as there personal Savor and they still have problems. I didn’t say that you wouldn’t  have problems, but The Heavenly Father will be there to carry you through. Don’t cheat yourself allow God to help you with every situation that’s in your life!

When I had tried everything else and it failed me I decided to give God a chance, this was the best decision that I ever made. He loves me even when I fall short, he loves me so much that gave his life for my sins. What an awesome God we serve. Don’t  Cheat Yourself give God a try.

To God be the glory,

Apostle Essie Bush





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