Don’t let life pass me by

Sitting here looking out the window I see life passing me by!

Am I just going to sit here and let it happen or am I going to get up and do something about it. If i want change to come to my life, then I must do things different. You may ask what can I do? I am so glad you ask!

1. You must get to know God= you get to know him by studying his word. The more you know about the word the more you know about him, because he is the Word.

2. You must communicate with him. How through prayer, meditation, spending time in his word. just, talking to him because he is your Heavenly Father and he loves you so much. When you hurt he hurts, when you are sad he is sad. He said in his word, that he stands at the door of your heart knocking and that if you let him, he will come in and supp with you he will be your God and you can be his people. You have to let him in,ask God to come into your life. If change is to come to your house, it must begin with you!!


To God be the glory

Apostle Essie Bush





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