Is Your Work Eye-Opening?

Working in the church can sometimes be a real eye-opener. Oh yeah, at first glance you probably think it’s a real eye opener for people who see other people working, but to the contrary, working in the church opens the eyes of the worker.

For starters, in many churches, only a few members work. The vast majority of the membership roll up into the sanctuary each and every week, giving little, if any, consideration to the well-being of the building, chairs and floors. In fact, most members feel indifferent about cleaning God’s house, despite the fact that they wear some of their most expensive clothing to God’s House.

So when the few that clean look around and see how little help they have, it’s easy to fall into the blame game and sit in the judgement seat on the many others who do next to nothing to help keep God’s House clean. Oh yeah, some workers even recall Haggai 1:4, wanting to remind others that God’s House is important too.

Still though, the real eye opening happens for the person working in the church. When people find themselves alone, doing work in the church, they learn pretty fast that if you’re not working because of your love for God, but you’re working to impress man, you’re gonna know much frustraion and anxiety. While on the other hand, it’s something about working for the Lord that quickens your spirit and Enboldens you to claim more of Jesus.

So without question, the work you do in the church, is eye opening when what you’re doing is for God and not for man. More importantly, the eyes that are opened are not the eyes of others, but your own.

To God Be The Glory

Andrew Bush, MIT


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