It Doesn’t Matter !!!

It is perfectly normal for believers to feel some kinda way because of a particular experience or circumstance. After-all, believers are human too. We are wired to react to external stimuli just like unbelievers. The difference between believers and unbelievers is believers know who they are and whose they are, while unbelievers are still searching. Further, believers understand that it is through their fear of and obedience to God, that Christ strengthens believers to resist the adversary or adversity.

Nonetheless, our day to day journey often presents us with people, places or things that can easily disturb the peace and joy, abiding in God’s Plan and Will provides us.  But thanks be to God for his living word in I Thessalonians 5:16-18.

We must remember to Rejoice, Pray and Give Thanks in all things.

Yours in Christ,

Andrew Bush

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