Brothers, God now has no other goal than to bring you to an utter end. God wants you to be disappointed about your self, to lose hope in your self, and confess that you are incurable and worse than anyone else. God wants you to know the self. How many times in the past have aspired to victory, yet always failed in the end! It was for no other reason than this; than this:God wanted to bring you to know yourself. You mourned, struggled, strove, sought, prayed, worked, labored differently, and used hundreds and thousands of other means in the hope that you could overcome sin and be sanctified completely. But you invariably failed. Although sometimes you might have had a small amount of success, it never lasted. Although you didd whatever you could to maintain your success, your success took wing like a bird. You though your struggle to success was unsuccessful became you were worse than everyone else. Brothers, these experiences were for one reason only: God wants to help you to know your self. You fail not because you are too bad, but because you are not bad enough. Brothers, you should know that to mourn is your self, to struggle and try hard is your self, to pursue prayer is your self, and to work and labor dilligently is also your self. It is all your self that is working, and it is all for your self, How much of it is in complete dependence upon God? How many really know that they are incurable and as a result depend on God? By struggling and seeking in such a way, what are you really after? Is it not something for the self ? Yes, you are seeking victory over sin and evil, and you are seeking sanctification, but what are they for? Is it not for the self to be happier, more glorified, and more boastful? If you have not reached the point where you are fully aware of the weakness and deceitfulness of the self, God will still allow you to stumble and fail. This makes you realize that you are powerless and that you do not deserve any honor or glory.`

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary: and they shall walk, and not faint.

CB Helping Hands Ministries

To God Be The Glory

Minister David A. Benjamin

Rev. David Benjamin

About Rev. David Benjamin

Rev. David Benjamin has a heart for the youth and providing better opportunities for the upcoming generation. Very active in his community and a member of multiple organizations dedicated to empowering and instilling a spirit of excellence in the individuals they come in contact with.
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