Leaving it in 2017

I have made a discision to leave some things in 2017!!

Listen to me, my attitude, Iam leaving it in 2017 because my attitude determines my altitude. I don’t want nothing to stand in my way in 2018.

I am not settling in 2018, I want everything that God has to offer. He told me that he would open up the windows of Heaven and pour me out a blessing that would be so plenteous I wouldn’t have room  enough to receive it. My new attitude will open doors for me, that no man can shut. Behold all things will become new my Marriage, Finances, Home, Family, Ministry but most of all my relationship with God.

Come go with me in to 2018 and leave everything in 2017 that’s going to hinder  your spiritual and natural growth. Allowing God’s Grace and Mercy to provide for us, because it is sufficient .

To God be the glory,

Apostle Essie Bush


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