Let me introduce you to my God !!!

Even though God is Great,

He is Wonderful,

He is Sovereign,

He is All Powerful,

He is still the ‘Great I AM,’

The same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who left His glory and became flesh through Christ to save us!

I could go on and on telling you who God is.

We act like we don’t know sometimes.

Well let me help you today by introducing  Him to you!

 Today it is thought that our universe may have as many as 500 billion galaxies. Each of those galaxies has hundreds of millions of stars. And Jesus made them all!!!

Wow how great is our God.

Let me introduce my God, my Father, my all in all.

You we act lie we don’t know who our God is.

If we really knew who He is; then our lives would be so much better.

We would have power and authority.

Now God made everything,without Him nothing was made, and if He is sovereign over all nations, and if He is incomparable, then all creation is under His power.

Verse 21 begins this section with four rhetorical questions to remind the people of this that they already knew.

The repetition is meant to be a rebuke, like hammering a point home:

“Do you not know?

Have you not heard?

Has it not been told you from the beginning?

Have you not understood since the earth was founded?”

Now we act like we don’t know who He is.

They had centuries of time to have these truths sink in, but their weak faith and stubborn hearts had not taken it all to heart yet.

Now in verses 22-26 he picks up themes he has already introduced—creation, nations, incomparability—but focused on how God controls. According to verse 22 God is the Lord of creation and rules with providence. The heavens are like a canopy with everything in His tent. According to verses 23 and 24 He is sovereign over kings—they are planted (hypocatastasis) by Him and then just as quickly as He lets them grow to full flower and power He blows them away like chaff. But His reign is eternal and constant.

How Great is Our God?

The earth is in His hands (vs. 21-22)

In four rhetorical questions Isaiah takes his readers back to the beginning, the foundations of the earth, i.e., the creation. From that time forward men should have been able to perceive that behind creation is a Creator. Even if they had not been able to perceive this fundamental truth on their own, they should have heard that truth proclaimed by those who did perceive it.

Have you forgotten all that God has done for you down through the years?

If we reflect back over our life the power og God is there.

He healed my body once, He can do it again.

He picked me up when I was down, He can do it again.

He sent me help when I needed help, He can and will do it again.

He makes a way for me out of no way, I’m His child He will continue till He calls me home.

So what is meant when the Bible teaches that God is sovereign? Basically, two things:

God is the King of the Universe. He has both the control of everything and the authority of kingship. In His control, “God has the power to direct the whole course of nature and history as He pleases.” NOTHING happens outside of His reign and control. This includes all things in the past, all things happening now, all things that will happen in the future. And His authority means that he has the right to do with His creation as He pleases. No one has taken it from Him and He has not been disqualified from holding the position. There is no one above Him to whom He is accountable; no one to whom He must explain Himself to.

He does whatever He wants. Anything that God decrees He can accomplish (Isaiah 46:10-11). The other side of that coin is true as well—anything that may happen is, in some way, decreed by God.

God is King over His creation. First of all, He created it (Genesis 1-2). Isaiah covered this truth in proclaiming God’s great power and wisdom (Isaiah 40:12-14). Secondly, God is the One who sustains it (Job 38:12-41Matthew 6:26-30). He did not get it started and then just sit back and let it go. It is He who continues to uphold it. Thirdly, God exercises His sovereignty over creation by doing with it as He pleases in order to accomplish His plans. This is seen in the ten plagues He brought on Egypt (Exodus 7-13), the parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 14), the providing of water, manna and quail for the Israelites in the desert (Exodus 16-17), the opening up the ground to swallow up rebels (Numbers 16), in making the sun and moon stand still (Joshua 10), and making a virgin girl have a baby (Isaiah 7:14Matthew 1-2Luke 1-2). The “laws of nature” are not binding or a hindrance to God. He has the right and ability to step in and move His creation as He pleases to accomplish His good work (Lamentations 3:27-28Romans 8:28).

Jesus Christ exercised His command over nature as a proof of His deity. He calmed the raging storm (Mark 5:35-41), cured lepers and paralytic’s with a word or touch (Mark 1-2Luke 5), opened blind eyes (John 9), walked on water (Mark 6:45-52), and raised the dead (Matthew 9:18-31John 11); including Himself (Matthew 28Mark 16Luke 24John 20). God does with His creation as He pleases to accomplish the plans that He has decreed. And nothing happens that is not a part of His plan.

Rulers are in His hands. No one is exempt. He has all power both in heaven and earth in His hands.

God did not abandon the world after he created it. He is very much involved in the affairs of this life. Men may appoint their fellows as rulers by heredity, election, or submission. But in the final analysis it is God who does the appointing.

When we last heard of grasshoppers, it was when the people of Israel sent scouts into the Promised Land to see what kind of opposition they might face if they entered the Promised Land. These Jewish exiles know these stories like the back of their hands. We can be sure that when they heard these words, “and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers,” the first thing that would have come to their minds was this story from the book of Numbers––a story of weak faith or no faith at all––a story of grumbling––the kind of grumbling that characterized much of Israel’s wandering in the desert. It was not a proud story, but a sad story––a disappointing story––a no-faith story. But when they hear, “its inhabitants are like grasshoppers” now, they are not listening to the voices of unfaithful scouts. This is the voice of faith that assures them that all humankind looks like grasshoppers from God’s perspective.

Isaiah goes on to declare that God’s sovereignty includes His authority and control over those whom rule the nations of earth. There is no ruler, no judge nor nation who can rise up so high with strength that God cannot bring down to nothing. With a mere breath, God can dry up and blow away the “greatest” of men. He has total rule over them. And it can be seen in the New Testament, as mentioned in the beginning of this study, when Jesus responded to Pilate’s question by saying, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above” (John 19:11).

Friend, no one is going to sneak by God and get into office without God’s knowledge and consent. Our president, governor, senator, congressman, legislator, attorney general, county assessor and administrator have all been chosen by God. This truth is a great source of comfort for the believer when it is combined with the attribute that God is good and wise. Would God place in authority someone who seems to be against everything that seemed to be biblically right and godly? Possibly!! He has done it in the past, and He may do it today and again in the future.
He has used evil kings before to turn His children around.
Only He fully knows!! And He never fails or makes mistakes.
When we truly realize who He is; our lives will change for the better.

An understanding of this truth about God also leads us to the wise conclusion that we need to lean on the Eternal God and not upon those who “Scarcely have they been planted, Scarcely have they been sown, Scarcely has their stock taken root in the earth, But He merely blows on them, and they wither, And the storm carries them away like stubble.” Since God alone is sovereign, That means  He is the only one to be fully trusted.

Only He can make promises and then show Himself faithful in keeping them. Only He can give true peace for He is the only One who can keep it.

Only He can give true hope for there is nothing that can cause Him to fail in His plans for His people.

Conclusion: So if we are thinking what is going on in the world … Why are there wars, famine and disasters? Why do good people suffer and the bad folks prosper and enjoy?

Why, why and a lot of whys?

God has the whole world in the palm of His hands.

He rules over kings, presidents and judges.

He even defines the destiny of every person.

As He is sovereign, can the created which is us even question the wise God? It is beyond our comprehension, because His ways, and thoughts are not ours. The best part is that He doesn’t think like you and me!

Thank God for that cause I truly have my days..

He is God and knows better than us.

His hand is never shortened and allows things to happen as He pleases.

His will for us is Romans 8:28

We must realize He has a plan for our life.

“He is still the ‘Great I AM,’ the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who became flesh through Christ to save us!’

So once we realize who He truly is, there should be nothing stopping us.

He sent us back a comforter to empower us, to lead us. to guide us.

We should be breaking down strong holds.

The battle has already been fought and won.

Here is a news flash for the devil; You LOST, We Win…

We have the greatest power, the greatest force living on the inside of us.

So why are we sitting down???

Why are we not telling a lost and dying world the good news of Jesus Christ.

Let me encourage you today to go forward and proclaim the gospel with a boldness.

God has got you covered.

So go forth in the power and authority of Jesus Christ……

To God be the glory …

May the blessings of the Lord be upon you today and always…

Chief Apostle Shelia Benjamin Inusah


Chief Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah

Chief Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah

About Chief Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah

About Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah C.B. Helping Hands Ministries Founder/Overseer / Business owner / Nurse, Friend, Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah, a small town country girl with a big heart. That big heart didn’t go unnoticed by God. At age 8; Apostle Shelia made the most important decision of her life. She decided to follow Christ. It wasn’t long before she heard the calling of God upon her life to reach the lost at any cost. To touch lives, one person at a time. By age 15 she was actively ministering to many in her community. From the young to the elderly, and even the dying; she has made it a priority to care for the souls of those in need. Today Apostle Shelia leads the C.B. Helping Hands Ministries team on a greater call. A call to reach the lost not just in our community but also around the world. C.B. Helping Hands Ministries and Apostle Shelia have become the vessel that God is using to bridge the gap between generations and touch the hearts of a lost, and dying world. Daily she ministers to the homeless, battered women, suicidal people and at risk youth among others. As a John Maxwell certified coach, and speaker she travels the world adding value to others. She is dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and helping others see their true potential. With a never quit attitude and unwavering faith, she has been able to build C.B. Helping Hands Ministries and testify of God’s provisions and unfailing love. Making sure to always give God the honor and praise. She motivates young adults like none other. She has become a renown inspirational speaker like none other. She is real, she is alive, she is on fire and excited about transforming, and adding value to others.. She is new, real, and a breath of fresh air. Called, and anointed for such a time as this.
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