Lord help me to understand me!

Do I love me? If I do, why do I keep making bad decisions!

Why do I do things that will hurt me: wrong friends, bad relationships, drinking and smoking things that will hurt me in the long run.

Do I understand God’s love for me? You have loved me in spite of  what I’ve done and who I am. You keep forgiving me over and over again. Everyday you allow me to wake-up and get-up to a new set of grace and mercy. I understand your love for me and I am grateful.

Help me to understand me and to love me like you do! I am tired of being sick and tired of the way my life is! Teach me, oh Lord to love you, so I can love me, then I can love others! Help me to understand me!


To God be the glory:

Apostle Essie Bush AIT



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