We sometimes miss our blessings because we are not on time, when it comes to God. We know that God is an on time God.  He made time, He can slow it up or increase the time,  so it’s no such thing that God is to late or to earlier.  So if we walk with God, then we will never be to late to meet the right person, never to late to get the promotion, never to late to get the best parking spot, never to late to get the healing. And the most important of it all, we will never be late getting into heaven, walk with God and He will walk with you. In our text today we find a man that wants to walk with Jesus, a man that wants to follow the master, because he knows if he wants to have the abundant life that Jesus promise in John 10:10 , he must follow Jesus, although he knew following such a controversial figure would cause some problems,  people will hate him, family want understand,  wife may leave, husband may leave, you may get fired on your job, He knew that Jesus had said that if the world hated Him, that they would hate anyone that follows Him. So why would you want to follow Jesus and have all these problems?  Because Jesus also said that if you suffer for His sake, He will reward you, He will give you the desires of your heart, there are benfits in following Jesus, there is a payday coming when we follow Jesus, yes the road will get rough sometimes, but God said ” be of good cheer I have overcame the world, so we are overcomers. The man in the text( Luke 9:59-60)  Jesus I will follow you, but first let me go bury my father, how many times have we told Jesus , but first let me stop drinking before I come to church, but first let me pay my bills before I can give you your 10% , but first let me get myself together before I can preach your word. But first let me receive love before I can give love, but first let me see before I can believe,  we have alot of but let me statements. We need to realize that we can do nothing without Jesus, we can not breath without Him. Jesus said to the man, no you can not go bury your father, you have to move when God say’s it’s time to go, I have missed by flight because I was not on time, I have missed a concert because I was not on time, people have lost there job, because they were not on time, when God say’s now is the time, you can walk in to your blessing,  doors are open now, not tomorrow,  you have to strick while the iron is hot. Jesus say’s go back to school now, apply for the job now, ask for forgiveness now, love now because tomorrow is not promised.  The man probably said to himself what does it matter if  I go today or tomorrow,  when it comes to God timing is everything.  He told Abraham go now, and I will make you father of many nations, He told lott, Abraham nephew to go from that wicked place and do not look back, his wife looked back and she did not make. When Jssus says do it now, just do it. Jesus said to the man,  let the dead bury the dead,  Jesus sad I know it’s your father, but I have work for you to do now, Jesus makes it clear nothing comes before Him, mom, dad, sister, brother, child, husband, wife, nothing comes before Him, we know from the book of Matthew 6:33 ” But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you. Move when God says move, you will always be in the right place at the right time. Do not put God on the back burner,  when God say’s follow me we can not procrastinate on God, because He did not procrastinate on us, while we were still sinners He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins, did not wait for you to get it right, thats how much He love us. Jesus is asking us to follow Him now, what does that mean, we follow Jesus by doing the will of the father, when you help someone in time of need, when we give our testimonials,  when others see the Jesus in you, Jesus told His Disciples if you love one another, then people will know that you are following me.I am glad I followed Jesus because He brought me out of the darkness into the marvelous light. I was blind but know I see,  Jesus said I am the way and the truth and the life, wanted to go to heaven follow me, want abundant life, want peace, want joy, want happiness,  want all your needs supplied, follow Jesus.

Why?  Jesus said I am the bread of life, I am the light of the world, I am the door, I am the good shepherd, I am the true vine, I am the resurrection and the life. Jesus say’s I am whatever you need me to be, I am bread when you are hungry,  water when you are thirsty, love when you are lonely.

Rev. A.R.T.


Chief Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah

About Chief Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah

About Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah C.B. Helping Hands Ministries Founder/Overseer / Business owner / Nurse, Friend, Apostle Shelia Benjamin~Inusah, a small town country girl with a big heart. That big heart didn’t go unnoticed by God. At age 8; Apostle Shelia made the most important decision of her life. She decided to follow Christ. It wasn’t long before she heard the calling of God upon her life to reach the lost at any cost. To touch lives, one person at a time. By age 15 she was actively ministering to many in her community. From the young to the elderly, and even the dying; she has made it a priority to care for the souls of those in need. Today Apostle Shelia leads the C.B. Helping Hands Ministries team on a greater call. A call to reach the lost not just in our community but also around the world. C.B. Helping Hands Ministries and Apostle Shelia have become the vessel that God is using to bridge the gap between generations and touch the hearts of a lost, and dying world. Daily she ministers to the homeless, battered women, suicidal people and at risk youth among others. As a John Maxwell certified coach, and speaker she travels the world adding value to others. She is dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and helping others see their true potential. With a never quit attitude and unwavering faith, she has been able to build C.B. Helping Hands Ministries and testify of God’s provisions and unfailing love. Making sure to always give God the honor and praise. She motivates young adults like none other. She has become a renown inspirational speaker like none other. She is real, she is alive, she is on fire and excited about transforming, and adding value to others.. She is new, real, and a breath of fresh air. Called, and anointed for such a time as this.
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