We can never be prideful about how perfectly we are obeying God because He is continually stretching us and asking us to move into new levels of growth. Nor can we go to the other extreme, saying “this is just the kind of person I am undisciplined and unteachable. ” We have no excuse for not doing what we need to do when God says He will enable us to do it if we will just call upon Him for help. All we have to say is Lord, help me to be disciplined enough to obey You the way Yo want me to so I can become the person You created me to be. Without the perfecting, balancing, refining work of His Holy Spirit, the freedom you have in Christ will turn into a license to do anything you want.

Oh Lord help me to hear Your words so I will know what’s right and what’s wrong. Help me to be ever learning about Your ways so I can live in the fullness of Your presence and move into all You have for me.

Luke 11:28






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