Rejoice! Rejoice!

Anybody ever feel like, “yeah, I’m ok, but I could be better. I certainly have a time a two. At least until I came into the knowledge of how God loved me so much that during earlier days, when I spent much of my time dishonoring his marvelous creation (me), he saw fit to not only forgive me, but he was also so kind as to preserve me. He didn’t allow me to be overtaken by disease or anything else I was big and bad enough to go up against while I was being disobedient.

Yeah man, God got my attention, and when he did he allowed me to enter into an understanding of his love for me. How he loved me during the lowest part of my life. How when everyone else gave up on me, he was right there drying my eyes, mending my heart and holding me up straight for others to recognize.

I was taught at a young age how awesome God was. How he created the heavens and earth and gave man dominion over every living thing. My parents made sure I knew of God. I guess I had to have my own personal experience with him to learn who God really is.

At any rate, I have a special appreciation for each day, because each day is a day that God has made. Today I understand that I’m more than OK. Today I’m GREAT!!!! Today, I realize that I’m a child of the King. I’m heir to the throne. And each time I wake up to see another day I count it as a blessing. Simply put, each new day is a new opportunity to please God. Now I don’t know about you, but when this ole life is over for me here on earth, I want a home in heaven in one of many mansions in my fathers house.

In closing, when we measure our health and wealth by worldly standards, there’s always room for improvement. But when we measure our health and wealth by the Goodness, Grace, Love and Mercy of God, the standard has already been met through Christ Jesus.

To God Be The Glory,

Andrew Bush, MIT


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