Slow To Speak !

One of the hardest things in the world for me is holding my peace. It’s just something about being quiet, especially when I have something I can say. Nonetheless, my experiences have taught me that being slow to speak is not just an instruction from the bible, it is, without question, the smartest thing believers can do.

Why do I think it’s so smart? Firstly, as believers we understand that our God is the God of order. In his infinite wisdom he has arranged all of creation in such a way that when we allow his will to go forth, instead of our own, everything is kept in the perfect place that God put it. On the other hand, sometimes when we speak to fast, or before God speaks to us, we cause things to become jumbled and out of place.

Pausing to remember that words have power and the tongue is able to speak life and death, most importantly gives God reverence through practicing his instructions. Secondly, our pause serves to give us enough time to remember it’s not about us but about God. Thirdly, when God sees our stand to acknowledge him he stands with us and through his Holy Spirit reveals his power in what we say.

The significance in all of this is simple. Love and compassion, two extraordinary attributes of God are rarely, if ever. displayed by us when we proceed to speak in representation of what we think and want. But when we consider God before we speak, he is faithful to not only give us what to say, but he’s also great and awesome enough to prepare the receivers for what we have to say.

Ain’t God Awesome!!!!

To God Be the Glory

C.B. Helping Hands Ministries

Andrew Bush


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