Stop looking back

If we keep looking back, it dosen’t give us room to grow. We are so focused on what we had it dosen’t give us opportunity to appreciate what we have. All of our time and energy is spent on complaining and comparing the two ( past to present).

We don’t want to be like the children of Israel not only were they looking back but they wanted to go back. They believed that what they had was better than what they now have.

Are we comparing what we have to what we had,Back then.  Noone judged us and  we were able to just be ourselves. We felt like somebody loved us, but now we feel empty and alone. So we keep looking back and wanting to go back.

We need help from someone who is in front of us, praying for us and is willing to reach back and give us a Hug . This will help us to realize that better things are ahead.

To God be the glory,

Apostle Essie Bush


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