“This Is My New Math. This Is Diabetes.”

By American Diabetes Association

Siani looks like a typical college student. She goes to the campus dining hall for breakfast, takes classes in Business Administration during the day and dances with her friends at parties in the evening.

What you don’t know is that inside her purse, she is carrying juice, snacks and insulin. You don’t know that she’s counting carbs for everything on the menu at the dining hall. You don’t know that the reason she occasionally misses class is because she has to take care of her diabetes. “You don’t always have somebody there with you,” she says. “I have to always take care of myself first.”

Siani was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes shortly after her 10th birthday. This is her story.

During American Diabetes Month® we’re sharing the stories of people affected by diabetes, just like Siani. What do YOU want the world to know about this disease?

If you or someone you know is living with diabetes, share your story during November using #ThisIsDiabetes. And learn more at http://diabetes.org/adm.

From:: http://diabetesstopshere.org/2016/11/07/this-is-siani/

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