“This Is Role Reversal. This Is Diabetes.”

By American Diabetes Association

Guadalupe has 10 brothers and sisters. Thinking back on his childhood, he remembers his father, an immigrant from Mexico, working long hours every day of the week to pick produce like tomatoes, peaches and apricots in a field in California.

He remembers his mother somehow taking care of all 11 children, including cooking all of their meals, making sure they had clean clothes to wear and managing the income brought home by her husband.

Now, their roles are reversed. Guadalupe’s mother, now age 88, has been living with him in his Washington, D.C., rowhome for about six months. He’s her caregiver now—which means helping to manage her type 2 diabetes.

This is their story.

During American Diabetes Month® we’re sharing the stories of people affected by diabetes, just like Guadalupe. What do YOU want the world to know about this disease?

If you or someone you know is living with diabetes, share your story during November using #ThisIsDiabetes. And learn more at http://diabetes.org/adm.

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