God has our back


In the book of Ephesians the Apostle Paul speaks to us and gives us instructions on how to live successful in this evil world. How to have joy in the midst of life storms, how to stand strong, how to fight and how to protect ourselves. We must remember we are fighting from victory not for victory. We have already won as long as we stand in Christ. So the Apostle says put on the whole armour of God. I noticed that there are only 6 pieces and the word says the number 7 is the number of completion and 8 is the new beginning. When we put on our armour our back is out. I can’t see behind me, people will sneak up on you. Life will sneak up on you. Not on God’s watch! God has your back, don’t be afraid, don’t panic. Grace and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. God has you covered. Go for it, he won’t let you fall. He is in front, he is inside, he is in back, he has us covered.

God said I got your back

What does that mean, I went to the urban black dictionary and what is says is that a person that has your back, supports you unconditionally, when life seems to blindside you they are there they are flexible in mind and hard to make the necessary changes and sacrifices in their own lives if they know it is something that enhances yours. When you know that someone has your back they inspire you to try because when you fail they are there to catch you, and they are there to pick you up. They are your safety net, they don’t throw you under the bus, they don’t put your business in the street or on facebook they don’t judge or condemn you they tell you the truth and correct you in LOVE!

Bishop Thomas

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