John 12:10


The Chief Priests plotted to put Lazarus to death. Why? Because of Lazarus many jews got saved. Has anyone tried to kill you lately? Kill your spirit, your joy, your peace…Has anyone been persuaded because of you? To follow Jesus? What is your testimony? You are a walking miracle because of that they don’t like it. If God can take our lives and turn it around that is a miracle, we all are something, done something wrong, said some wrong. But look at God no we are not there yet but look at the transformation. They don’t like that and you know who they are. When God allows the enemy to mess with his children, you know there is a greater purpose to show God’s power and to elevate you in this faith walk and to save a soul.

Lazarus became famous because God used him, he was not the most popular. I never read where he complained about Jesus using him. God will use you because you were created by god for God that’s why he said make your body a living sacrifice. Lazarus died so they could see Jesus. God will allow something to die in your life so others can see Jesus. But don’t worry we can’t beat God giving. Lazarus was evidence! Eye witnesses on who Jesus is, God in the flesh. Lazarus a witness of the resurrection, if God could raise Lazarus from the dead he certainly can’t raise himself from the dead , Lazarus is a walking testimony.

Lazarus a silent preacher people would rather see a sermon than hear a sermon. See how God has changed you? You are still under construction, you are a miracle because we all were dead in our sins but now we are alive because of Jesus. Now that you are alive in the Lord you are on the hit list. They are plotting to kill you, now you have more trying to kill you, kill your dreams, kill your spirit, kill your passion, kill your ministry. They are mad because you are on fire for God, they did not bother you too much until God started blessing you real good. They see the impact you are having on others lives they are trying to carry out the hit. I am so glad that God has put us in the witness protection program.

You are under the wing of the almighty. He is my refuge and my protection, a present help in time of trouble. Stay on fire for the Lord don’t fret evil doers they will be cut down like grass. Walk by faith, God has your back, God will keep your haters in line, even use them to bless you and elevate you. I have not read where they ever killed Lazarus.

If they would have God would have just raised him again. What they meant for evil God will turn it around for good. More people would have come to Christ. They made the mistake with Jesus, if they would have known that by killing Jesus, more would be saved they would have left him alone. When they try and kill your reputation, assassinate your character, but you keep praising God through your trials and tribulations. That’s when people see your sermon and more come to Christ.

I thank God for a drug dealer, prostitute, liar and cheater. The womanizer that gave me hope to know there is a God. Now I know there there really is a God. I look at my own life where he brought me from. I am a living testimony I could have been dead and gone but he let me live on. Are you guilty about receiving the goodness of the Lord? Are you an eye witness of the power of God?

Bishop Thomas

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