The Blood


It’s reached to the highest mountain and flow to the lowest valley the blood gives me strength from day to day. The blood never lose it’s power. Genesis 4:1-4 Birth to Cain and Able. The Lord favored Able, Cain was angry and killed Able. God warned him blood on your hands.

Exodus 12 Share a lamb with your neighbor morning, must be one year old. Take care of them this is the sacrifice all together. Put the blood on the door post the blood does not cover us when we are out of position. Eat from the table that he prepared to make sure you are at the right table. Go back to Adam and Eve she had him to eat the apple she was deceived the same happened to Cain what have you done Adam where are you? Adam how do you know you are naked? So god killed an animal to cover them the blood ran down their leg does not compare to the blood of Jesus it covers us Heal me Save me Power of the blood you are not healed because you don’t believe in the power or the blood. Nothing but the blood Power in the blood. In the old church they pray and plead the blood over everything. Put the blood over the doorstep I will pass by. If you have an addiction if you are sick if you are down plead the blood. My word will not come back void. Believe in your heart My sin is covered by the blood I am nothing without the blood I can stand and represent him because of the blood. Something has to die so you can live. My attitude has to die so the spirit can live in me. The blood we need a blood transfusion Thank you Lord for sending your blood.

Testimony Evangelist Q

My son and a friend was in a car that turned over 6 times but because they were covered in the blood they both came out with Victory, The blood never ever lost it’s power.

Apostle Essie Bush

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