2020 Vision


Psalm 124:6,7,8

What are you looking at talking to the survivors today.  The enemies thought they had you.  They set the trap but God opened the gate David said I know who opens the gate.  Snatch me out of the mouth of haters he said out help is in the name of the Lord.  David said we have escaped he blessed the Lord thanking God that he did not allow the haters to eat us up, to devour us everyone can’t rejoice with you and can’t relate to you, they don’t know you were almost prey but God came to the rescue.  People see your glory don’t know your story, talking about the Providence of God.  God’s power to keep you when you want to throw in the towel.  A vertical and horizontal relationship with God and God’s people.  No matter what you are dealing with God is with you.  David said I see no abandonment, David said we have enemies like a raging dog.  We are prey for the eating we think we are more than are.  Our enemies size us up we have a target on our back the enemies don’t like you David said it’s a wanted bird.  Trying to trap us have us boxed in we have to get out the box and let God use us.  Get out of our comfort zone God has a plan for you and a purpose Bloom where you are don’t worry about the haters God did not do all that for you to quit.  He kept the enemies back, carry the box only as reminder of where God brought you from.  She was sleeping in the box, homeless but look at God, he has not forgotten about you.  God will see us through, we get tired don’t punk out don’t get weak on God.  The enemies want you to quit don’t you quit on God because God will never quit on you.  After the tears wipe your eyes, get back in the game.  Don’t abort the baby, yes there will be some labor pains, but the baby is coming, joy is coming.

Pastor Bernard Robinson Sr.

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