With Over 50 years of combined experience. Let us become your case manager and take all the pressure off of you.

We focus on the whole person:
  1. Physical
  2. Social
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual

We assist families with transportation, family situations, living conditions, service planning, monitoring and follow up.


It is important to us that business owners can maintain a healthy and safe environment were all of their employees can excel. Let us reduce your employees turnover and improve your company moral. With us you will see that your employees will make fewer mistakes and miss fewer days from work.

We also offer additional services such as

  • Education workshops

  • Drug safe programs

Our services is second to none. We offer Fast and accurate service.


The goal is to rehabilitate and not make a habitual criminal. We will link the clients with the appropriate services and address specific needs to the individuals.

We will help the individuals to keep up with appointments, find employment,
Conduct workshops on interviewing skills and we will help them to dress for success.
Help them get back into school. Establish a mentor-ship program.