Are you out of the boat?

Are you out of the boat?


This is a leap year, I knew that 2020 was going to be different.  Expect more, expect greater, God has already done it Matthew 14:20-32.  Faith to keep our eyes on Jesus I have had some storms, setbacks we all have.  BUT GOD will see us through.  I looked at my calendar we have 29 days in February he gave us an extra day.  What does it mean to jump, to leap?  To jump with a great force a quick movement take a leap of faith no matter what vision is going on around you.  Get out of the boat the storms are there, they are afraid, what are you afraid of?  We can trust God, you are in danger, the waves are there…just keep your eyes on Jesus.  He is there, take a chance, leap of faith, leap to your destiny, leap to the top, leap for greater, leap in your marriage.  Your baby is leaping when Mary and Elizabeth got together when bother were expecting.  Their babies leap the power of the Holy Spirit on the inside.  Time to attempt great things for God.  You will have doubters have some midnight days God allows them to happen to show his power.  Time for the baby to leap Peter took the leap of faith he trust Christ are you going to be scared?  God did not give the spirit of fear but of sound mind.  God is calling you to lep in 2020.  Don’t get distracted or discouraged.  He took his eyes off of Jesus and started to look at the problems.  That’s the trick of the devil Don’t take your eyes off of Jesus.  We want to quit, we want to give up.  Shake off the distraction he has my back, we know that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.  Don’t let the distractions pull you away from your destiny.  The storm is passing over Don’t make the storm bigger than your God.  He is bigger the storm is only a test it will test your faith do not adjust your set it’s just a test.  Call on the name of Jesus the name above every name.  Power in that name, Peter had a short prayer Lord save med!  Before I was born God had a plan for me that’s why you are not going to drown.  We should have drowned by now, but God is our lifeguard.  I take the leap of faith he has already provided a safe net.  Your healing, your deliverance, your breakthrough, this is leap year 2020 Jump in!  We have work to do God wants to leap you into your future God wants to accelerate your blessings.

Chief Apostle Shelia Benjamin Inusah

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