Be a Water Hose, not a Gasoline Can


Matthew 5:9

Jesus said, Blessed Are The Peacemakers. Jesus said I can be blessed if I become an agent of change. There is so much gun violence domestic children abuse the world seems to be out of control but what God is saying is that we have choice in the world that we live in .
Jesus told us to pray like this Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be your name your Kingdom Come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

We know that there is peace in Heaven and God said we can have on earth.On a personal level, God said I Will keep you in perfect peace who’s mind is stayed on Him. No matter what storms come your way.
We can have peace.
He said this peace the world did not give it to you and the world cannot take it away.But you can give away, he said do not give it away. But help others have that same peace.
He said if you want to be blessed do like Him be a peacemaker. Do not be a Fire starter.
You have a choice to be blessed or not.I may not have a lot of money, and I am not perfect but I can be a peacemaker.
When conflict comes and it will. Do not throw Gas on the fire but throw some water on the fire.
Who are These Blessed People?They are people who make peace in families.
They are people who make peace in the church and the Community.These people are quick to forgive.

They demonstrate God’s Love.They build up rather than tear down. You know we want to be like Mike.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful. But our model should be the only perfect person to walk the earth, and I was told if I shoot for the moon and miss at least I will be among the stars.
Jesus was quick to forgive.Father forgive them, they know not what they do.
God felt so strong about This. He said if you do not forgive your Brother, you have decide not to be with me in heaven.
Why is this so important? God gave His life because you and I had to be forgiven. We were on death row waiting for the electric chair Jesus stepped in.He traded places with you.
God also knew that if we cannot forgive one another there is no way we can have peace on the earth. No peace in the home, family killing each other.No peace in the Church. I was marching in a rally and our slogan was no justice no peace.

We were protesting Injustice of the men in blue, but what about the church folks in white.No forgiveness no peace. No Love No forgiveness from God. What does a peacemaker really looks like these valuable people resemble their Heavenly Father.They sacrifice for the benefit of others.They are quick to reconcile with those who have wronged them.
They take a loving look at situations that divide people. Peacemakers focus on Redemption rather than Wrath. They refuse mountains out of molehills. They focus on reconciliation rather than building barriers.

They don’t build walls to keep people out. They tear down walls. Their goal is pulling people together not apart.
Peacemakers are Church builders, they create an atmosphere rather than despair, happy Harmony exists in their Church destructive divisions. Peacemakers like Jesus they are called the children of the Most High God.

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