God is working on me Lord help me to forgive as you forgave me.  Col 3:13

We must forgive, we must not blame others for out shortcomings.  We can always find a reason not to forgive, but its a bigger reason to forgive, so my sins are forgiven.  I am not going to let anyone stop my blessings from God you are not that important! Eph 4:3  Just as Christ forgave you Christ dropped the charges on me Don’t give others power over you by holding unforgiveness in your heart. ! John 1:9

He will forgive us, forgiveness is freedom for you to serve God.  We need to pray Lord search my heart Give me a clean heart and renew the right spirit in me James 5:16  Pray for each other you want the power Mark 3:28 Romans 3:23 We all have sinned and come short so we all need forgiveness.  Matthew 5:44  Praying for your enemies Give it to God to release your pain 2 Chr 7:14  Turn from your wicked ways I need my healing.  Don’t let the devil come in…when you won’t forgive others he will.  God thought it was so important to forgive that he gave his only son to die for us.  If you do not forgive others God said I won’t forgive you.  We need forgiveness or we will not make it in.  Forgiveness gets us one step closer to God.  Let this mind be in you as Christ Jesus, we can have the mind of Christ.  Let the Holy Spirit take over because our flesh won’t forgive.  We can be free and on our way if we just forgive.

Evangelist Q Thompson

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