Habits that Leads to Great Blessings


Philippians 4 :6-8

Do not fret any anxiety anything but in every circumstance everything by prayer petition with Thanksgiving, can you to make your wants known to God and God’s peace shall be yours. We find it difficult not worry, not to be anxious, but God tells us we are not to worry or be anxious because he has our back.

He said give all your worries to Him, cast your cares, give me your concerns, given me your burdens, give me your past mistakes, and if you let me fight your battles I will win for you.

What God is saying through the Apostle Paul we must become like babies a baby is totally dependent on someone to take care of them. We would love someone to Just take care of us but we have a habit of trying to do it on our own.

Therefore, we must develop some Holy Habits. That will enable you to start each day right. To stop worrying.

To stop being critical of yourself and others. Habits that will make you a blessing to others. How do we develop these habits?

Paul said, be careful for nothing. Do not let anxiety over take you. God knows your every need and wants. If He takes care of the birds and you are more important, He will take care of you. Worrying is a habit it’s a form of fear. Faith and Fear are opposites.

We develop habits that build faith and fight fear.Faith grows through exposure to Scripture. Saturate your mind with the voice of God. Hang out with some faith walkers.

Start the day with the Bible not face book, but the faith book. not instagram but instant God. not # Keepitreal but #GodisGood.Read the word before you eat. Read before you watch the have and have nots so you can have and bless others.

Paul said start the Day Thankful Stop trembling and start trusting, but we do not trust anyone we do not know.

Get to know Jesus for yourself. Expect God to come through for you.

Focus on God’s blessings and give thanks, give thanks for things you have taken for granted. He woke me up. No matter what I am facing God is able to turn it around.

Give thanks that He died for my sins, that He loves me. Then Paul said Focus on positive things. things that are true, honest, pure, and lovely. Focus on the positive traits in others and you will become a positive person. Invest your day Ministering to others it is not about you but about God. It is called J.O.Y. Jesus. Others. You. Give Priority to Soul Winning and Reap Great Blessings.

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