Jeremiah 29:11

Jeremiah 29:11


He knows the plans for your life, to give you a future.  Living with no worries, Lord has given us comfort in trying times.  Though we are in trouble, he came with an encouraging word.  Why do we spend time worrying and causing trouble for one another?  We have to move forward and do not look back.  You can’t change it, God has more for us but it’s in front of us not behind us.  God has me on his mind as I go through and he will get me there.  I am totally dependant on God I can’t make it on my own.  You have to ask open your mouth, yes he knows but he wants to communicate with you.  Don’t wait until you are in trouble to talk with God.  It’s about a relationship.  Talk to God when things are going good put your plans aside.  Must be about our fathers business to be used by God.  Allow God to accomplish his purpose through you.  God knows what he is doing, he will place people in your life for a season, for his purpose.  It may not be for a lifetime, living life without worry who is living in you?  That’s why we don’t need to worry. Elder Robinson

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