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I don’t know how God is going to do it, I don’t know when he is going to fix it. Help me sing victory shout yea, I know he is going to make a way for me out of no way.

What do you believe about God? What will help you trust him more? Your faith reveals your belief system. Psalm 83:11 David was a mess but a man after God’s own heart. Just like David I made some mistakes. What do you desire? Develop a hunger for God set your heart on God. Psalm 27:4 I desire the Lord my souls thirsty for God. Psalm 42:4 What is Desire? A stronger feeling than anything else above all else. Want it bad, crave for it. Walk a mile to get it. Romans 7:8 bad desires we have some time we don’t want to go in the wrong direction.

Money, fame guard your heart, build your treasury in heaven set your mind on things above. Only what you do for God will last. Do not choose evil desires God saved you for him. Legs, arms, mouth, eyes; God wants you and needs you. David is like Randy Moss David was hungry for God he spent time with him, while others were doing other things. David was a worshiper, Psalm 63:1 I thirst for you…Do I love God more than cake, more than my boo? We have to change we must love his word.

He wanted to please God if you want to please someone you buy them gifts, take them out. David prayed all the time, if you love me keep my commandments. Choose the will of God, Psalm 132:1-4 He sang to God, do you have a dwelling place for God? He cared about God more than himself. Long for God! I want to be in his space get close to him. The closer I get to him the more he makes me feel…the book of James said, Draw to him and he will draw to you. Daily bible reading, go to church, go feed the hungry go clothe the naked, go to the prison.

The opposite of desire is satisfaction. It is a disease…I need God to do something some miracles I need in my life. What we don’t need to do is have spiritual satisfaction. I want more of Jesus, Paul said, I want to know him more than anything else in life. Do you want a million dollars or Jesus? The lady with the issue of blood, had money she desperately had to get to Jesus and she was made whole. Are you putting an effort in knowing God? I can’t wait to see him. My heart starts to beat faster, my hands start to sweat, I can’t sleep. I have to see him Let’s examine ourselves. How bad do you want him? Just like air we need it, that’s the way we should want God.

Make your body a living sacrifice. The lady of the night gave everything…she had a desire! Do you have a burning desire for God? I want to do his will not my will. God knows he can trust you, that’s why God loved David so much. He was also honest with God, God I sin only against you, God is such a just God Jesus spent time with God and he was God to God. To give us an example, he said I did not hing on my own. What are you doin on your own? In all our ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.

Chief Apostle Shelia Benjamin Inusah

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