Luke 19:30-35


Are you at a crossroads in your life?

A red sea experience can’t go back can’t go forward a place of intersections.  You have to make a decision what do you do?  It’s crucial your life depends on it.  Go and you will find a donkey that has never been ridden, God knows where you are I can imagine the donkey saying “why am I here?”  No one has ever used me…You are set apart for God, Jesus said “I have use for it.  It’s time to be used for God, you were born and set aside for such a time as this.”  Call my God for God.  The donkey was born for Jesus and you have been born to carry Jesus.  He has need of you with all your faults, he can still use you.  You must be about your father’s business.  Jesus said lose the colt, Jesus said lose you, you may be all tied up, but God is using you today to be used by God..cut lose your past, cut lose your guilt, cut lose your lack, you are free.  Don’t let things around keep you from going forth.  The Lord has need of you, use your gift now, Jesus has need of you.  Spread the gospel, God has qualified you.  I know you don’t have a degree, but God called you.  I will not let the colt out do me.  Here I am send me 2020 is still my year.  THe colt fulfilled his destiny, I can fulfill my destiny.  He was all tied up, he knows you are confused.  Tied up in the mind, it’s time to be loose.  The church is a rescue team, it’s time to go to work.  The body of Christ come together.  There is a burning building, are we telling anybody about Jesus?  People are still going to hell daily, serve where you are.

A call to action Luke 10:31

Now came a certain preacher came down the road and when he saw him he passed by on the other side.  Likewise a Levite passed by on the other but a certain Samaritan as he passed by did not pass him by but had compassion.  That’s who God is looking for… YOU.  What is your cross?  Spread the message to a dark world, let go of some old stuff, God give me a fresh start a call to action.  We have been at a cross road too long.  We have gifts and God will make room for your gifts God is looking for you to ride in people’s life, to make a difference to be the salt of the earth you were born for such a time as this and God is loosing you…he is taking the chains off you, it’s time now to go to work to be about our father’s business no longer are we at a cross roads.  I don’t know what to do because God has given us the plan and God has given us the ability to do his will.  Remember if God called you he will equip you for such a time is this.  We have to be on a mission, in a mission from and for God.

Chief Apostle Shelia Benjamin Inusah

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