Send A Crisis to Wake us up!

Send A Crisis to Wake us up!


To remind us who he is. No one can promote you like God can! How are you responding to your challenges? If you are a candidate for a miracle you have to have a problem.  They draw you closer to God, How to respond.  Go up or give up, turn to God or man.  The crisis will show you who you are depending on God.  David got God’s attention, God knows what’s best for me.  Sometimes I am all over the place, I will make bad decisions.  I can’t trust myself with myself.  Prov. 3:5 Do not lean on your own understanding Listen to God David had some flaws but God showed up anyway.  He is a reward of those who diligently seek him.  Cry out to God, but James said draw near to him.  Do something God told David Go!  Go David it’s already yours.  The husband is there, the business is there, the breakthrough is there.  God said go gt it walk by faith.  God has already made it happen walk it out.  Ask and it shall be given.  follow my commandments.  We are fighting from victory not for victory.  We are promised blessings, we are the seed of Abraham and joint heirs with Jesus.  What God gave Jesus is available to you.  Walk by faith.  Can God trust you with troubles? Does God know you will give him the Glory?  God’s word never changes, I can stand on his promise.  David asked for Godly direction, you must decide what you believe about God.  You get a bad report from the doctor, God has already made a way.  You will respond on what you believe.  You wont move forward if you have unbelief.  David moves on faith not what he saw.  Make a decision now, you can’t buy your way out and press you way through.  Things are a lesson or test pass the test or retake the test.  David has to go through a process.  Don’t stop in the middle of the process you will get the victory.  Sometimes we face the same crisis.  David did not know what to do he was a freshman now he is a senior.  Now on solid food not milk.  God did it before he will do it again.  A shift is taking place you have grown in your faith.

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