Something in his spirit drew Jesus attention!


Luke 19:6-7

Something in his spirit drew Jesus attention, he was a thief. God is greater than your past, people are not going to like it but God does not care. Deep down inside he wants to change, climb a tree, what is in your way? Get ready for it in 2019 yoke release. Get rid of the doubt dont disqualify yourself how many want the best life? Speak to the mountain situation God is waiting on you to come higher so he can see you. Come higher in your spirit life come higher in your prayer life come higher in your attitude.

When they go high you go low! Don’t repay evil with evil pray for your enemies pray for those that spitefully use you, come higher so God can see you. Come higher in your faith so God can see you. Are you determined to have a better relationship with God are you determined to be obedient to God’s word are you determined for him to call you so you can come to your house. As for me and my house in 2020 we will serve the Lord. You may have to put some folks out of your house, spiritually, don’t go home and put your husband out. But don’t let them turn your focus, if we put God first and his righteousness he would add all these things to us.

What things? all your needs desire of your heart make your enemies behave. Let God come to your house that’s why he made the house to come live with you. Not just to visit he said I abide in you and you abide in me. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Jesus looked up and said today I will go home with you. I know you come to church but do you take God home with you. Is there peace in the house is there Joy in the house. Is there kindness in the house is there wealth in the house I did not say Money. Luther said a house is not a home if no one is there Let God turn your house into a home. Zacchaeus which was a chief among the publicans House was not a home he had money, he had women because they asked the late George Burns how did he get so many women he took out his wallet.

He had some friends on facebook because he had money, not real friends but fake friends. He had the Benz, house on the hill but he was missing something. All of us have a vacuum that only God can fill stop expecting that woman or that man to fill that void God won’t let it happen. Things can be going great and the minute you start to put them before God all hell will break loose. How many have been there? It’s the trick of the devil you remember the story of the rich young ruler saddest commentary in the Bible…he walked away sad why? Let me do the math 0 x a million dollars is zero but one times a million is a million that one makes a difference and one in Jesus look at what happened to Zacchaeus.

A transformation because God was in the house, let him in . Do you want your husband, your boyfriend, your wife or your girlfriend transformed? Let God in the house. Zacchaeus stood and said unto the Lord behold Lord the half of my goods I give to the poor wait a minure first of all God did not ask him to do that Second of all so what you took the money from the poor anyway but he must have known the word said those that lend it to the poor lend to God and that he would make your enemies behave.

But then Zacchaeus went above and beyond if you want to know if a person has been with the Lord if they are for real if they have changed if you make them mad and they still love you I mean you messed up but they are still by your side. Jesus said it this way repay evil with God. Zacchaeus said I was given fourfold, Look at God.

This story is not just about Zacchaeus Jesus is the main character the poor are about to get blessed by a thief. God said the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just. He said I will turn everything around for your good.


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