The last 7 words


Lord forgive then they know not what they do!

Forgive means let it go, you can’t get into heaven. Unless you forgive, Jesus knew he could not get into heaven unless he forgave. Lord remember me when you in paradise. How did Tupac see it? Between 2 thugs, Tupac No heaven for a thug Thug mansion…was Jesus a thug? The cross means that God is on my side. The same folks turned on him, Lord remember me, Today you will be in paradise.

John 19:25
Son of humans and divine in the midst of dying he teaches now. Jesus would live beyond the cross.
Mark 15:34
My god why have you forsaken me?
At times we feel like Jesus, our life is dark, you are never alone. You would never turn your back on your kids.
Isaiah 59:2
God forsake Jesus so he would not forsaken you.
Ephesians 2:13
Brought with a price the blood will never lose its power.
John 19:28
If anyone is thirsty let him come and drink, I am the bread of life. Now he is thirsty.
Psalm 59:1
Are you able to drink from the cup? Because he thirst we no longer have to.
John 19:30 (6 words)
It started in Genesis…the word (it). It thought it had him. The word is (action verb)
God is good
Good is
Is a connection
I am done it’s over the fat lady has sang see you later

Luke 23:44

I am so glad this is not how it all ended. God is always up to something just when it looks like the enemies have won, back against the wall. Jesus has completed the mission. Father into your hands at your darkest moments turn it to your hands. At your darkest moments turn it to your Jesus. Put it all in his hands he will turn it around in the midnight hour. When you head is down, lift it up and say amen.

The devil thought they had him, he dies so that we may have life and life abundantly.

We bleed the blood of Jesus.

Lord you hung for 3 hours on the cross

One for the Father

One for the Son

One for the Holy Spirit

3 is the perfect number, I am not perfect but Jesus is and he traded places with me. Now when God looks at me he sees Jesus. I am precious in his sight. Because of the cross.
At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light.

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